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Window Cleaning

Professional window cleaning is a very easy way to make your house look shiny and beautiful. If you want to revive the appearance of your private property, it is so simple – just call our capable specialists and order external or combined window cleaning. We will come fully equipped with the latest technology and wash your windows with great attention. We can also clean paneling and facades, if necessary and possible.

Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning in London

We use Reach and Wash Ionic System which purifies the water in a few stages, so that the water becomes absolutely free of any minerals and pollutants. Extremely pure water tends to absorb the dirt trying to return back to its original impure condition and we use that process for excellent window cleaning results.

The telescopic water fed pole have accessibility up to 65 feet and could be applied even on hard to reach spots, like conservatory or skylight. The machine pomps heated filtered water to the brush head of the pole which cleans the glass to incredible luster. Our machine have its own powerful system to vacuum the excess water, so we can provide just as well internal window cleaning without any overflow drop. Our methods guarantee optimally clean and bright window glasses, frames and sills.

We conduct professional window cleaning both for private house owners and commercial building proprietors. Our cleaning procedure does not cause any inconveniences to the occupants and there is no risk for our technicians. Using Reach and Wash Ionic System ensures you 100% safety for the environment and your health.

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