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Oven Steam Cleaning

Be very careful when you choose your oven cleaning method. There are plenty of heavy-duty detergents, which work well on fat, but are dangerous for your health. But there is always alternative. What we can offer is non hazardous, fume free, caustic free process called oven steam cleaning. Using the power of pure steam is the best way to efficiently clean your greasy oven without any health risk.

Oven Steam Cleaning

Oven Steam Cleaning in London

Oven cleaning is very challenging task because of the burnt-on carbon deposit stuck to the oven sites. Carbon, food leftover and fat spills produce smoke, bad smell and taste. Because of deposit layer the air circulation inside the oven is distorted and it starts to work slowly. Oven steam cleaning dissolves all the grease and dirt on your oven, hobs and trays. This procedure is also suitable for cleaning and de-greasing of other kitchen appliances like microwaves, extractors and cook tops. Our proficient technicians will clean everything until it gleams.

The benefits from professional oven cleaning procedure are many. It is fast, effective method that will clean your oven in no time. No harsh chemicals are used, it is absolutely safe for the environment and for your family. There are no odors or fume left, your oven can be used right after the cleaning is done. And last but not least – your oven will look fantastic.

The steam machine we use for oven cleaning is special tailored and is quite different from those we use for upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning, but the result is the same – flawlessly clean item without a spot. For professional oven steam cleaning contact House Cleaning Services on 074 2950 4979 or our BOOKING FORM and we will be happy to help you.