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Office Cleaning

Every work space needs detailed cleaning to appear attractive to the visitors and become healthy for the employees. We offer office cleaning service at daily or weekly basis, performed by experienced, vetted and insured hygienists. Regular office cleaning ensures dust-free indoor environment and tidy, pleasant rooms.

Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning in London

When a lot of people work together, the room gets easily contaminated. Our cleaning operatives will maintain your office hygienically clean, paying special attention to the toilet facilities, kitchen premises and common areas. We will vacuum and mop the floors, polish all glass, chrome and steel fixtures, sanitize desks, computers and telephones, dust and damp wipe all surfaces and shelves. Basically our office cleaning service is tailored to disinfect the whole working space, making it sparkling clean.

We know that your working hours are reserved for business, so we won't interrupt your hectic schedule. We will provide the office cleaning sessions in specified by you time, according to your commitments. The cleaning procedures are strictly overseen by a supervisor, so we guarantee a quality performance.

We provide additional services as: external window cleaning, carpet steam and dry cleaning, floor and worktop polishing and restoration, as well upholstery leather, steam and dry cleaning for overall deep hygiene. Window cleaning service is also available on a regular basis for your office with selected by you frequency. For more information and expert advice call House Cleaning Services on 074 2950 4979 and we will design you individual scheme.