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Hard Floor Polishing

Natural stone or concrete floor is luxury investment for your private home or office. It demonstrates style and glamor to your visitors, but if the floor is contaminated and have lost its shine, it won't make good impression as expected. In case of color loss, scratches and fading you shall call an expert to fix the problem. Floor polishing and restoration will bring back the life and the gloss in your tired flooring.

Hard floor polishing

Hard Floor Polishing in London

We treat various types of natural stone floors, like granite or marble for example. Natural stone polishing is delicate process and must be performed carefully, using proper detergents and technology. Concrete polishing is very similar to marble and granite polishing, because their parameters are very close. We use diamond pad tooling for gentle buffing or more aggressive grinding, depending on the dirt condition and the desired level of shine. The power of diamond abrasives naturally reveals the innate beauty of the stone made floor.

We have solution also for stained tile floor and blackened grout. We conduct tile and grout cleaning and polishing, which could make your floor look just like new. Tile flooring is very practical, but the grouts easily absorb any kind of dirt. Black grout joints are unattractive, but reparable. We will fully disinfect and brighten your floor and restore its magnificent appearance.

If you have additional cleaning needs, such as oven steam cleaning for instance, we can conduct the services together with the floor polishing for your convenience. For professional consulting and floor polishing and restoration arrangement contact House Cleaning Services on 074 2950 4979 or with our BOOKING FORM.