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Curtain Cleaning

Curtains, drapes and fabric blinds are this part of the furnishing that makes your house bright and cheerful. Unfortunately they become easily contaminated and saturated with different odors. Professional curtain cleaning is the right decision for that kind of problem, as well for elimination of the harmful germs inhabiting the tissue. Curtain performs air filtration of the whole room and cleaning it at regular basis would keep the air fresh and healthy.

Curtain cleaning

Curtain Cleaning in London

If the thought of taking down and rehanging your curtains causes you headaches, we can relieve you – it is not necessary and, to be honest, it is complete waste of time. We are equipped with removable professional machine and conduct all of our cleaning on site. Curtain cleaning is very convenient method, because it eliminates the need of ironing.

We offer curtain steam cleaning for deep cleansing right up to the fiber roots. Steam machine will extract all the dirt and dust thickened between the threads. If your drape is made from fine and delicate fabric like silk, satin, wool, linen, cotton, etc, we will apply dry cleaning procedure. Most natural fabrics are not washable and we clean it using specialized dry cleaning machine and proper powder for thorough sanitizing.

Mattress cleaning could be combined with our curtain cleaning service, in order to fulfill the minimum charge rates. For curtain cleaning arrangement or more information contact House Cleaning Services on 074 2950 4979 or our BOOKING FORM and we would be glad to assist you.