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Carpet Dry Cleaning

Having a beautiful hand-made carpet or rug creates unique mood in your home. But you should have in mind that natural fibers are very brittle and require carpet dry cleaning. Special treatment of your carpets is necessary if you want to keep them in good condition for long time. We will be happy to advice you whether your carpet is compatible with steam or dry cleaning procedures and avoid ruining your favorite covering.

Carpet Dry Cleaning

Carpet Dry Cleaning in London

We conduct carpet dry cleaning for many years and our technicians are very experienced and capable in this field. Over time we have tested different techniques and have chosen the most gentle to the fabric but greatly effective to dirt removal. We use specially tailored for carpet dry cleaning powder which is rubbed into the textile and then get heated to sufficient temperature. The powder solve, attract and absorb any dirt and leave your carpet rejuvenated, fresh and bright.

Our carpet dry cleaning procedure leave no sticky residues and the carpeting dries immediately thus allowing you to walk on it right away. Thereby we will bring minimum inconvenience in your life and schedule. No water usage implies no chance of color loss, bad odor or shrinkage. Our professional carpet dry cleaning is performed with modern equipment and cleaning products with high quality. The detergents we apply are suitable for asthma sufferers and children and keep the environment clean and healthy.

All of our cleaning services are performed on site in your home or office, so there is no need to unfix and remove your carpeting or furniture. Most commonly dry carpet cleaning is ordered together with one off cleaning service. For free consultation contact House Cleaning Services on 074 2950 4979 or with our BOOKING FORM and we will be happy to help.