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Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning is essential for maintaining the overall hygiene in your home. Carpets give shelter to many microorganisms, such as dust mites, which cause major health problems like asthma and a variety of other allergic reactions. Carpet steam cleaning eliminates the population of bacteria and germs and make your house clean and healthy place.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning in London

Carpet dry cleaning is the safe way to clean your carpet if it is made from delicate or natural fabric. It is as effective, as steam cleaning, but it is tailored to protect the fibers from shrinkage, tear or color fade. Both methods are conducted with professional powerful machines, which clean deep inside the inner layers of your carpet or rug and ensures you complete sanitizing of your home.

Carpet cleaning removes the built-in dirt and grease and majority of stains and spills. The time of reaction is important for the quality of the cleaning. If you call us right after an accident happened on your carpet, we will be able to fully extract the stain. But if the mark is older and persistent, our job will be more complicated. Don't wait until your carpet is badly soiled, dirt effects the fibers and makes them brittle. It is recommended to conduct carpet cleaning twice a year, in order to protect the fibers durability and refreshen the look of your interior.

We use best cleaning detergents on the market, because quality is at most importance to us. We strictly observe the health requirements, that's why we use only green products, safe for the environment and for your family. We are committed to do our job the best possible way, so we will provide you with the highest level of cleanliness and hygiene. Revive the fresh look and the softness of your carpeting with our carpet cleaning service.

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