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Additional Services

Whether you have chosen us for regular cleaning and maintenance or just use our services from time to time, we are able to provide full-service house or office keeping, including external window cleaning, carpet and hard floor cleaning, oven cleaning. Any of our additional services is available both as occasional cleaning or scheduled cleaning sessions several times a year. We use special professional equipment and best products on the market to keep your private home or workplace hygienically clean and healthy.

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Additional Services in London

Many of our client use our additional cleaning services as complement to the end of tenancy clean or just for thorough sanitation of their properties. Health requirements impose certain standards, which referred to carpeting and flooring means deep cleaning once a year. Carpet is traps for dirt and germs, and steam cleaning is able to extract any undesirable filth from within the inner layers. Unsightly contamination often could be seen on the hard floor and the only way to handle it is buffing or even grinding for clean surface and ritzy appearance.

Oven cleaning is another additional service, which should be conducted more frequently, preferable every three months. We are prepared with special oven steam cleaner, which successfully dissolve the burnt-on carbon and other deposits. Our technicians will be able to clean the other kitchen appliances as well, even the fridge and the freezer, but only if defrosted in advance. We ensure deep sanitizing of your kitchen, which immediately improves your quality of life.

Withal we would like to present to your attention our excellent window cleaning service, conducted with modern efficient equipment. This is another additional service that we take proud of. The appearance of your windows produces corresponding reaction in your visitors, so our professional cleaning approach will reveal the beauty of your house, office or store. Cleanliness should be tendency and we help you achieve it.

Take a close look at our cleaning services list in order to select the most appropriate option that will best suit your needs. House Cleaning Services provides individual schemes, including various combinations between all basic and additional services. Contact us for more information and we would be glad to assist you.